IIC Congress 2016 – Call for Papers.

The 2016 IIC congress is being organised in collaboration with INCCA. The deadline for sending in your paper and poster proposals in is June 15. We hope to see many of you next year in Los Angeles.

Kind regards,
Karen te Brake-Baldock
INCCA Central Coordinator
IIC Congress 2016 – Call for Papers
The variety of materials, processes and modes of creative expression making up contemporary cultures poses increasingly complex challenges for the conservation professional. Conservators, faced with the uncertainty of judging which aspects of contemporary culture will be valued by future generations, have responded by encouraging stronger dialogue with artists, carrying out unprecedented levels of documentation and adopting an increasingly interdisciplinary approach to conservation. How are these decisions made? And what is their impact?

Papers and posters presented at the IIC Los Angeles 2016 Congress will examine:
. How can conservators work without the benefit or comfort of a well-established hierarchy of values often afforded to colleagues preserving more traditional heritage objects?
. How can conservators balance the best practices of the varying conservation philosophies and approaches used in different disciplines, markets, countries and cultures to develop some common methods for conserving contemporary works?
. What will be lost if the major guiding principle for conservators remains the artist’s intent?
. What is the consequence of avoiding treatments due to the unavailability of established procedures?
. Has the debate on replicas already become too polarised?
. Can ethics and values adopted by the built heritage sector assist in conserving moveable heritage, and vice versa?
. Can approaches used for ethnographic collections be integrated more broadly into contemporary art practice?
. Can the different issues posed by public art, or the art market, help influence Institutional thinking?
. Can non-materialistic philosophies help to move the field forward in broader terms?

Submit your proposal for a paper or a poster now!

All abstracts must be submitted by 15 June 2015 online at https://www.iiconservation.org/congress . Only abstracts submitted online will be considered.

Questions? Talk to us:
International Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works 3, Birdcage Walk London SW1H 9JJ UK www.iiconservation.org

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